If you really want to use the funds from your bitcoin wallet for shopping purposes like buying random stuff for your household or maybe purchasing your few favorite casual items then here you will be pleased to know that many online retailers have started accepting cryptocurrency payments

Here in this content, we have listed a few surprising and a few unusual as well that you can certainly buy for exchange of bitcoins. Let’s have a quick look on these:

Here you can certainly buy a car from the Tesla group with bitcoins. However the process of buying a car with this crypto platform is not going to be easy. Because firstly you will be required to make a decision on buying a car from Tesla with Bitcoin. And once you make the decision, you certainly need to pay Bitcoins to the Tesla group for making a commitment on buying a car from Tesla with Bitcoins. 

Not only this, you further will be required to follow through for saving this opportunity because otherwise you may lose. Here you are only going to have 30 minutes for finalizing your buying decision with Tesla and if you lose these crucial 30 minutes then you are literally not going to receive any refund from Tesla group for your overpayment of transaction amount or even when you transferred it to the wrong address.

Apart from the Tesla group, you can also buy a BMW car from the UK by using Bitcoins. However, here you will be required to find a way where your vehicle can be transferred to your place. And the completion of payment transfer will be settled through a third-party site.


Yes! You have heard this right. Now you can also order a pizza at your doorstep with Bitcoins. However, the process is certainly going to be different and difficult as well than other online pizza ordering mediums. 

Now for ordering a pizza with Bitcoins in the US, firstly you will be required to download a third party app. For example, you want to eat a pizza from Dominos and also want to pay with Bitcoin currency. Then by using this third party’s app, here you need to go through the Lightning Pizza service option. With this, the small portions of your bitcoin money, worth the value of Pizza, will be transferred to Dominos outlet. And once the restaurant receives the payment , your pizza order will be delivered at your doorstep. 

You can also buy Socks with Bitcoins. There is one company named MtSocks who deals with Socks that you can literally buy from them in exchange for Bitcoins. 

Further, with the Unisocks Exchange, you can easily fulfill your purpose of sock swap by easily buying or selling your socks on this platform in exchange for digital currencies. So, simply connect your digital wallet with these brands to easily get started and keep your feet warm.

Electronic Equipment:

If you are looking for electronics and don’t want to use your fiat money then here you can literally enjoy the advantage of buying these in exchange of your bitcoin money. There is one online portal named Newegg that empowers you to buy electronics from them using your  favorite Bitcoin wallet. 

Newegg mainly deals with everything that falls under the category of electronic equipment whether it’s a gaming chair or even a drone as well. All you have to do is take your bitcoin money to the online store and buy any of your desired electronics gadgets. Further, here you can also purchase dishwashers or pressure washers like items on Newegg portal.

A Movie Night:

If you are owning bitcoins and you are also fond of watching movies then here we have good news for you that you can now pay for your movie shows with bitcoins. Although you will not be able to pay for your additional items like popcorn or soda, movie tickets can be simply paid with the Bitcoin money. 

MovieTicket.com is that one popular platform and even one of the largest ones also which really encourages users to embrace the Bitcoin and few other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. On this platform, you can easily buy movie tickets for nearly 900 US movie theatres in an effortless manner where you only will be required to type your zip code to check the availability of movie shows in theatres in your area. 

So, when you see your nearby theatre is available to accept your ticket request through MovieTickets.Com then you are all set to watch your favorite movie show for which you have paid with Bitcoin Money.


Here we have provided you with the certain items that you can literally purchase by using your bitcoin money. However there are a few more like furnishings, fast food, sweets, event tickets, a vacation, television service, a college degree or even an art as well. So, make yourself a considerable element of this evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem and enjoy your shopping by paying with your bitcoin wallet.