The iFrame
offline payment option

Add the CrypTalks crypto payment system to your current shop


This option is suitable for anyone who wants to start receiving crypto at their existing online shop, or at a local point of sale. We are fully aware of the transition to a new type of payments and understand the difficulties that are expected. Therefore we want to be there by your side and help you go through this step the easiest way possible.

That's why we've developed this option alongside opening the stores on our platform.

iFrame actually means a popup window on your website screen.
In this matter it means a window that shows your point of sale, on
top of your website.
By using the iFrame option you can add this widget into your existing online
store on your website and also add it on a tablet at the time of local payment.
Let your customer pay on the spot with his/her crypto wallet.


What is really cool about this feature is that you can add it to any device you want,
and even to a few of them at the same time. Such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
And let your customers pay you using that device.
The way to implement this option is much easier than it sounds.
First, as in the normal process, open a store on our platform and update it with
prices and photos.


Then obtain iframe code from your CrypTalks Merchant Screen and simply embed it in your website. That’s it, your own online crypto shop is done! If the latest actions sound to you like Chinese, do not worry. Your website programmer can carry them out easily. And if not, we are here. You can always drop our support team an email, and they will be happy to assist you.


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