About us

CrypTalks is the safe zone for early Blockchain adopters to become familiar with the industry, its advantages, and its people. It is the place for Bitcoin fans and crypto enthusiasts to meet, talk and feel protected. CrypTalks is a social media app, created to give all types of people the ability to share their views and their vision of the cryptocurrency world. It offers local businesses the ability to receive Bitcoin as a way of payment, and promote it to a dedicated audience. CrypTalks is all about the people.

The idea behind the App is to facilitate communication between the blockchain industry in an honest and secured community. Our goal is to give a platform to anyone who wants to express his or her opinion about this fascinating world, whether you’re an individual, a company, a Bitcoin loyalist or on the hunt for the next giant ICO.

Know what the next trend is?

Can you anticipate what price Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or any other currency will hit tomorrow? Then, your home is right here.

Our agenda is totally transparent to the general public. We invite every new company with a great idea that believes that its product can make a positive contribution, to spread its message globally through CrypTalks and grow their audience with us.

Enter the world of crypto, and make your voice heard.

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