Instructions for opening a new group in CrypTalks


Swipe screen to the right


Click on “create a group” in main menu


Now you are in “create a group page” - select an avatar for a new group, add a background photo, write a title and don't forget about the motto. Also on this page you can write info about your group and add social media links. choose if you group has a disclaimer


Please note! In any case of abuse of the CrypTalks community, your CrypTalks profile will immediately be blocked and your group will be deleted.

Congrats for opening your own group in CrypTalks.

Five conditions for establishing a successful group (make sure that you have at least 3 of them):


Give your users NEW value every day! Either a conceptual value, or financial value, or an enjoyable value.


Make sure that the value they receive on your group they won’t get anywhere else


Post at the same time every day (and in another time once a week)


React to active followers requests


Stay interactive and try to lift the gameplay effect

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