You should be familiar with the market conditions and then make the decision accordingly. It is not so difficult, especially these days when you are having the technology in your hands.

There are a lot of online sources to take advantage of. You can go with CrypTalks or other such platforms to get the required knowledge.

The thing is, technology and knowledge are some of the crucial aspects that can make you or break you in the world of cryptocurrency. The next thing is mistakes. You must focus on minimizing your mistakes to become better at trading Bitcoins.

If you are aware of your mistakes and are working on them, it is good for you. But if not, you better take care of it.

Here are some most common mistakes that new Bitcoin traders make.

  • Emotional Decision Making: The problem with beginners is, they go for emotional decisions. You need to understand that when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you should keep your emotions aside and make decisions taking into account market conditions. This can save you from the loss and frustration that you have to face at later stages.
  • Selling all at once: New traders are keen to earn a lot of profit at the beginning itself. This greed for profit compels them to purchase or sell a lot of bitcoins at once. Although it seems to be a good decision that you buy maximum when the price is low and sell maximum when it is high. But what about the scenario when the price drops to a lot after you buy or it rises to a lot when you sell them all at once?

Well, if we go with experienced traders they will tell you to sell 20% of your Bitcoin post 50% profit. This will give you an opportunity to purchase dips. To increase results, you can go with several tips to help you improve your investment strategy when trading bitcoin. This will help you a lot in making wise decisions.

  • Putting all eggs in one or many baskets: New traders forget the rule of diversification and put all their investment in a single cryptocurrency. They think that the particular cryptocurrency is at the zenith so it is better to invest in it. But as you know the world of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin is known for volatility. So it is not a good decision.

On the other hand, some misinterpret the word diversification and invest in too many cryptocurrencies. This sometimes backfires on them. You must know that investing in 3-4 coins is enough to earn the profit in the beginning. It will be easier to track your progression.

  • Buying wrong currencies: The problem with new traders is, they get trapped easily in the promises. So they go with several currencies that have no future at all. These currencies don’t have any technical innovations either. Some of the examples of the same are Litecoin, Tron, EOS, and so on. They are quite centralized blockchains that should be avoided.

You must make a complete survey on which cryptocurrency should I invest in before the end of 2021, and why? This will help you a lot in making a wise investment.

  • Investing more than they can afford to lose: Although Bitcoin is known for earning the maximum profit. It is even considered better than investing in funds and shares by some of the experts. But this doesn’t mean investing a lot, especially in the beginning.

It is advised to avoid investing more than 20% of your savings or the which you can afford to lose. This is so because there can be massive losses or profits. It is like a bet. So it is better to play safely in the beginning and keep on increasing the risk with time and experience.


When it comes to bitcoin trading, you can’t become an expert in a few days. You have to spend time, you have to study the rapid changes that are taking place in the market. This will let you avoid several mistakes, especially in the beginning stages. This is so because, in the world of bitcoin trading, mistakes mean financial breakdown.