After all, from the investment point of view, the whole game is about investing in the right coin at the right time.

So, the inquiry that we are required to make is to find a place where you could book larger profits by investing in the crypto coins even before they enter into the mainstream business. 

Crypto Launchpads - Booming Platform for the Crypto-Investors

A crypto launchpad, as the name suggests is one such platform that introduces new cryptocurrencies or tokens to find early investors while expanding its market.

Wondering how a Crypto Launchpad is different from a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto-currency exchange is where a coin is free for trade in the open market whereas a crypto launchpad is a platform that calls for early investment from the investors, allowing them early access to a coin before its official launch.

Why Crypto Launchpad even needed in the first place?

Initially, when ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was carried out, the investors were supposed to hold their investment until the time of its listing in the crypto exchange.

Due to the lack of knowledge of investing in the right coin, it not only caused them huge losses but wobbled the credibility of the crypto market at large.

This is where such projects stepped in and introduced the concept of crypto launchpads based on their research and findings.

Crypto Launchpads are the platforms that carry out the initial research work while allowing the investors to facilitate the initial fundraiser.

Also, crypto exchanges dived into this concept and started offering a separate launchpad platform to maintain a fine balance in the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto Launchpads allows the investors to gain early access to the coins subscriptions and make allocations based on their token score*. (Usually, the exchanges floats their native token for the investors to trade it for the crypto allocation)

Now, if you are wondering how to find some of the Crypto Launchpads to land your funds, here are the top picks.

  1. Binance Launchpad:

    Binance is among one of the top crypto exchanges in the world. With high expertise and extensive research, it not only offers its users the opportunity to invest in dependable projects but also facilitates them with many advanced features.

    To carry out the process, Binance involves the use of its native token by the name of BNB that must be exchanged against the new-releasing crypto coins/tokens. A minimum of 0.1 BNB is required to make the investments in the projects.

    Another advantage of investing in the Binance Launchpad is that it offers the users the option to liquefy their assets right after the coins get listed on the exchange.

    The trust and security of this platform comes from the projects it has successfully undertaken (WRX, AXS, KAVA, MATIC).

  2. TrustSwap Launchpad:

    TrustSwap was conceptualised to promote Defi transactions but eventually launched a separate project called TrustSwap Launchpad.

    It requires a minimum of 4000 Swap tokens for a user to begin investing in the platform. Swap Token is the native token introduced to decide upon the crypto allocation among the early investors of the project.

    TrustSwap includes a prominent feature of lock-in mechanism wherein offering a Smart toolkit, locks the investment of developers and investors until a stipulated time frame. The smart lock feature acts as additional security against the events of scams and rug pulls.

    TrustSwap allows a justifiable distribution of new releasing crypto coins based on the proportion of swap tokens.

  3.  Polkastarter Launchpad:

    Built on the Polkadot blockchain, Polkastarer is yet another platform where you could find the listings of young players (crypto coins) yet to make their debut.

    Polkastarter too has its native token (POLS) that a user must possess before making the initial investment in the coins project. A user must contain a minimum of 3000 POLS to start investing in the project.

    Since the project runs on the blockchain, a user gets the luxury of escaping the KYC. Marking huge success in the line of projects, Polkastarter has registered 2,00,000 investors, offering them liquidity in Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Launchpads are differentiated spaces for the investors who aspire to play big. It does not cut any risk but gives investors an edge to stay a little ahead of the market in terms of making the investment decision before the market decides its fate.

It is for the dynamics to decide whether you’ll book the profits margin or would incur the loss from a particular project. The role of the launchpads is to give away a platform to the investors who’ve got a higher risk appetite and are willing to keep a larger chunk at stake.