CrypTalks Posts Definitions

CrypTalks is the first cryptocurrency social-media app. The app offers its users a variety of features to help them share their views on the crypto market.

CrypTalks is designed to make the Crypto world transparent and accessible to all, helping users profit and succeed in the crypto space, by selling their products and receiving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, sharing their opinions and daily activities and promoting them.

The app is the best place to meet people safely and without fear of abuse by users hiding behind fake identities.


Solo and Groups

The CrypTalks application is based on two approaches, the Solo and the Group.

In both approaches, the user is given the opportunity to express his or her opinion to the general public. In the Solo, the user posts individually, and in the Group, the user states their opinion as part of a collective. In short, the Solo is for personal, while the Groups are for businesses, start-ups, and companies that are looking to grow their audiences.

CrypTalks was built to expose the world of Blockchain crypto to as many people as possible, so they can enjoy its prosperity and be able to understand, share and profit in the future of global finance.

In both, the Solo and the Group, you can add products or services and sell them to potential clients through the app.

Create post Create post

A post in CrypTalks is called a 'Talk'.
Each ‘Talk’ could be composed by using the following 5 features.

camera sign
Add a Picture

Users can pin an image to make the post more attractive. The CrypTalks system automatically adds an image according to a Google search, in case users do not add an image themself.

add link sign
Add a Link

Users can add a link to their post to get other users to visit their website, an interesting article, or a clip.

location pin point sign
Add a Location

Users can pin to each of their posts with a specific location. This feature is good for promoting a business venue, social gathering or business meeting.

calender sign
Add a Date

Users can add a date and time to posts to indicate an event that has already occurred or is about to happen.

dollar currency sign
Add a Product

Users can add a product or service that they can sell in return for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Adding a product is available once the user has added the product on the Products tab in advance.

In addition, users can use a Promo Product to promote their business. These Product features are open to premium accounts only.

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