The Promo Product Your product is your best promotion tool!

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For our example, let’s meet Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Jones has opened her online boutique on the CrypTalks app, so her clients could pay her with Bitcoins.

To make the most out of the “Promo Product” tool, Mrs. Jones was willing to receive $20 less for a bag that usually was worth $100. She wasn’t losing, just profiting a little less.


Andrew has bought a gift for his wife at Mrs. Jones's
CrypTalks shop and got a one-time opportunity to share
the ‘Promo Product’ with 2 of his friends.
He decided to share that bag with Julie, and with Bruce.


They were both given the opportunity to buy the bag for $90,
that is, at a 10% discount.
Julie was delighted to buy the bag at that price.
Once she bought it, CrypTalks granted Andrew $10 for the promotion.
So everyone was satisfied...
Mrs. Jones got a new client plus revenues.
Andrew received $10 for sharing.
And Julie received a 10% discount and the chance
to share the Promo Product with 2 of her friends.

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How does the “Promo Product” work technically?

As a business group owner in CrypTalks you decide which one of your business products you want to promote and that will function as the “Promo Product”.

That product will appear with a 10% discount price when it will be sent to the customer's friends.

Once bought by one of these friends, the money will be collected by the CrypTalks app.

80% of the total amount will be allocated in the Business Group account. This money could be collected by the business owner in crypto once a month from their CrypTalks account.

10% of the total amount will be allocated in favor of the sharing customer in his/her account on CrypTalks.

This money could be collected by the customer in crypto once a month from their CrypTalks account, only once reaching an amount of $500 or more.

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