The Merchant

Basically, the merchant screen is the place where you can manage your business revenues.

Whether you are an individual using the Pro-member account, or a business owner using the Business group option.

You’ll be able to maintain both types of accounts over on that screen. This way you can control your crypto revenues more easily. You can review the history and statistics of your sales. And of course, you can withdraw your crypto to an external wallet you own.

You will find the merchant screen user-friendly and very easy to handle.

As the crypto transactions increase in your business, you will be happy to review this screen on a daily basis, because that means you are earning more.

At CrypTalks we take very good care of the safety of our users, and that means your safety. That’s why we’ve taken on the responsibility of opening for your business a dedicated crypto wallet and keeping it within the platform. We are proud to use the services of some of the best cyber protection companies in the world as well as the excellent crypto wallet companies that exist today. All for the benefit of keeping your assets safe. We put trust and security as the top priority of our agenda.

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