The Products Tab

One of the benefits of opening a premium account with CrypTalks is the possibility of offering products for sale in return for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. The products should be updated in the products tab with their price in Dollars or Euros, a picture and the product's details.

Once each product is uploaded the price is then updated automatically to the price in Bitcoin or in any other chosen cryptocurrency. 

The various cryptocurrencies that can be paid in the store are determined in advance by the merchant. Yes, any merchant can choose in advance which crypto he wants to receive in their shop.

As a CrypTalks user, you can post products both as an individual using a Pro-member account or as a business by opening a Business group.

Inside the product tab you can add your product or service definitions such as size, color, length, etc.

The customers have the ability to add a few products to their Cart and then to purchase all of them at once.

Once the customer is ready he can summarize his purchase and add the shipping address if needed.

Towards the end of the process a QR code appears with the final price so that the customer can make the payment with his crypto wallet. 

Once the payment has been made, a notification will appear stating that the payment was completed. In addition, the merchant will also be notified of a new purchase. And the balance will appear on their CrypTalks merchant account.

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