The I AM WHO I SAY I AM badge

I AM Badge

The CrypTalks app is the only social media network where you can be sure that you know who you are talking to. We see the security of our users' personal details and their protection against scammers is our religion. For this aim, we invented the I AM WHO I SAY I AM badge. The badge is a logo that clarifies that the user has confirmed their details with the CrypTalks support team. The confirmation is made with three simple steps. Personal email confirmation, telephone confirmation, and a picture of an international ID such as a driver's license, next to the user's face - what is called in professional language selfie-ID. In addition, the user must hold a paper with the actual date that this picture was taken, plus the words "I am a CrypTalks user" plus the date, in handwriting.

The badge is a part of the CrypTalks general agenda of users protection, alongside the 'Ask to Chat' approval, and full KYC submission for businesses who request to sell on the platform.

A user who chooses not to submit their selfie ID is not allowed to create any communication, such as posting, reacting, or chatting within the app or on the website. They can only be a bystander.

Selfie Girl Selfie Boy

The green line meter

We do not stop at the I AM WHO I SAY I Am badge. Any user who wants to present himself clearly and transparently to the other users, in order to build trust, is welcome to upload his Facebook or LinkedIn page. Adding a clear picture as a profile picture, without sunglasses, or when his face is not clear.

Maintaining all of these features are helping our users build more trust between each other, and maintain a true honest and censear community.

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