Cryptocurrencies are all over trending in the global markets as we keep on listening about them either through news channels or from the random conversations with friends. These things make many people desire to take a dive in the crypto market and invest in some of the currencies over there.

However, before doing anything like that, there are three Things to Know Before Investing in Crypto which I am going to discuss in this article. So, let’s have a quick view: 

Firstly: Learn About The Platform Where You Want To Invest In

Maybe you already have heard about cryptocurrency so many times since it was first launched in 2009. And based on that you have decided to invest in the cryptocurrency market because you really got the money right now. In fact you even have an idea about what to know before buying cryptocurrency

Here all you know is, cryptocurrency is a good investment option because it's growing at a faster pace. But this is actually not going to be enough for anyone from an investment point of view as there are certain things which you absolutely need to know about. For instance, whether it’s risky for investment or is this getting fit into your overall investment portfolio. 

All these facts are highly important to be concerned about because you can’t just do anything with your funds without planning and understanding it as well. So, before buying any of the cryptocurrency coins, make sure you have dedicated some time to learn the necessary facts about the crypto exchanges. Although you might be thinking that you have already learnt the mechanism which is quite important but so is learning about your expectations from this investment in the cryptocurrency market. Because this is literally going to affect your investment decision whether you should further go for it or not.

Secondly: Plan For Long Term Investment With Crypto

Every individual needs some basic amount of money for meeting his/her emergency needs like food, clothing, shelter, education etc. After meeting these needs, we all run behind chasing our secondary needs like education, contribution & creation, self fulfillment & self transcendence etc. And when we become capable enough of achieving all these, then we usually start thinking rationally about our financial goal whether it’s for short term, medium term or long term as well. 

Here most of the people usually consider their after work life which means long term financial goals and then start planning their investments within the present time accordingly. However there are some others as well who literally possess some specific saving goals for other different major life steps. For example, there are so many people who might be planning to get married within ten years, there might be some others who are looking to buy their own house within these ten years and there might be few others who endeavour to travel every year. So, to fulfill all these goals, you are absolutely going to require a sufficient amount of funds. 

Now if someone eventually chooses to invest in the cryptocurrencies for achieving their specific life goals then they are certainly required to have patience and wait for the long term benefits with cryptocurrencies.

Thirdly: Be Yourself Prepared For Financial Deficiencies in Advance

Although financial investments should always be made in accordance with proper planning. However there are some times when things change all of sudden and your plans just don’t work out anymore during these unusual times. Here the best recent example we can consider is covid pandemic which struck so suddenly that literally changed everything around us and I am sure no one was ready for this. 

There are so many working people who lost their jobs during this global crisis and they eventually had to tap into savings and those who haven’t had saving, they were only left with the option of taking on debts for their survival in this pandemic. So, this hard time can be treated as a very important reminder for everyone that we all must have emergency funds. 

Now if you are thinking that you can sell crypto coins during emergency time then it might not be possible at that time. Because the chances are you may not get the buyer at the right time and let’s suppose if you get the buyer then it is possible then you will not get the appropriate price. And this is absolutely a crucial fact that you need to know before investing in Cryptocurrencies.


Here we have provided you with the three exceptional facts that you must know before you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies. However if you really want to learn how it actually works then you start by investing small in the cryptocurrencies market. And make sure it must be manageable for you as well.