Just like every other expert was trying to bring into some innovative ideas & required variations in the field of digital currency, here in the same manner, the one who can be regarded as the most respected and moreover influential person called Charles Hoskinson has literally improved the crypto verse by no doubt introducing the Cardano Coin.

Cardano Coin’s (ADA) Introduction:

The Cardano blockchain digital payment network is based on huge scientific research as well as philosophical principles and it is quite new as it was introduced in 2017. Now the idea of introducing Cardano Coin in the form of digital currency was first initiated by Charles Hoskinson who is also a co-founder of Ethereum Coin. Further, the Cardano coin is already considered as one of the most promising crypto coins by so many digital currency experts for what Bitcoin and Ethereum chose wrong. And this Cartano coin is seriously setting itself as a target in the cryptocurrency markets for competing with the other ones. 

Cardano Coin’s (ADA) Story:

This story actually begins in 2011 when Mr Charles Hoskinson got to know about the blockchain system and crypto marketplace for the very first time. During that time and even today, bitcoin is the greatest player of the whole crypto ecosystem. Apart from this, the concept of Proof of Work or say PoW was trending most during that time. 

Although people were desperate to buy these newly introduced digital currencies, there were still some factors like numerous scaling issues and moreover high costing, that was certainly demanding for the launch of a new type of digital coin in the market. Thus, a new well developed concept named as Proof of Stake or say PoS was represented with so many improvements among digital currencies’ stakeholders and that concept later titled as Cardano’s consensus function. 

With the popularity of PoS (Proof of Stake) mechanism, even the Ethereum blockchain network started following the same concept for the purpose of solving various issues which were faced by it during that time. And that shift literally marked a history in the digital currencies world. Further, the Cardano Coin came out in front of the public as the most efficient one who is capable enough of lowering the cost and comparatively working in a more secure manner that absolutely brings its creator into the limelight.

An Attempt to Improve What Bitcoin and Ethereum Chose Wrong:

The cryptocurrencies have certainly given a new definition to the overall exchange system but the popular coins like bitcoins and ethereum were no doubt facing so many problems like sustainability, scalability and interoperability as well. So when the Cardano arrived, it simply gave the world a layer architecture structure which obviously made it the strongest one amongst all other digital currencies. Moreover the Cardano Coin is absolutely safe and secure enough for the purpose of executing the smart contacts in the easiest and proper manner.

As the Cardano Coin network works in a decently layered structure, it genuinely brings out the highest blockchain network security system where the payment processing is done in such a manner that every layer of this network works independently from the previous one. And this kind of layered architecture structure is completely able to handover the safe information without even sharing.

Cardano Coin: The Specific Language

The blockchain mechanism of Cardano Crypto Coin is based on a specific language known as Marlowe. Marlowe is basically a domain specific language (DSL) which is purposely used in this blockchain network of Cardano Coin for perfectly executing the financial transactions in Peyton Jones’s style among other researchers on blockchain. 

As we know, Bitcoin is regarded as the Gold Coin in the overall digital currency market, and moreover Ethereum is certainly called as pioneer of the Smart Contracts in the digital currency world. So it was absolutely challenging for the creator of Cardano Coin to bring it in the form of an improved version of existing digital Coins but Mr Charles Honkinson did it extremely well. 


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